Wine basic training for staff members of Caesars Palace Phuket

Wine basic training for staff members of Caesars Palace Phuket

General wine knowledge and service standards training.

As an exclusive wine distributor and supplier of the new Rococo style dining restaurant in Patong, Phuket, the Caesars Palace. Three floors with stunning view overlooking Patong and the Andaman Sea. We offer wine basic knowledge training for Caesars Palace’s staffs to help boosting their confidence and polish their upselling skills and services, also to give them more information about our products.

Our training focuses on wine tastings, grape varieties and regions. We begin training by reviewing the wine menu, providing more detail about grape varieties and regions, follow by tasting different wines and having them described what they are smelling and tasting before we provide a proper tasting notes and move on to wine and food pairings session. We also provide a little tips and techniques for opening, presenting and serving white, red, rosé and sparking wine. To ensure that they all understand and to practice, so we adding quiz questions, so much fun and entertain till the end of the training.

We are so delighted to provide a wine training session to our customer. Thank you for giving Global Wines & More the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your business and your trust you have placed in us. Thank you again!

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